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That's me inside your head.

I am so terribly in love with you. And I always will be.

Leyton Is Love
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One Tree Hill; The awesome ship that is Leyton
This community is dedicated to the awesomeness that is ♥ Leyton ♥. Posts do not need to be SOLELY about them, but they is the focus for this community. If you aren't a fan of Leyton, this is NOT the community for you. Please post/comment accordingly.

This community is maintained by:

My only request is that everyone be kind to fellow posters. If you don't agree with others, that's cool, but you don't need to be mean. I would like to avoid the Brucas vs. Leyton argument here, since this is a Leyton community lol. I would like this to be a drama free zone :)


Please be sure to put your fics underneath a cut so as not to clog up other people's flists.

Please be sure to put these under a cut as well.

Please be respectful of others and place all spoilers under a cut, unless it is promotional material released by The CW Network. Rumors from the set, or gossip from other sites should go under a cut since there are people who aren't interested in reading spoilers.


-Gossip about the actor's personal lives. Yes, they are celebrities, but they are entitled to their privacy, and I would rather not clog up the community with ridiculous speculations and pictures of the actors in their free time. I really don't care what Sophia Bush is shopping for, or where CMM is going to dinner.
-Demeaning/nasty/heinous/bitchy/out of line comments attacking someone else's opinions or work.

Please do your best to credit those who deserve it. If you're a writer or an icon/arts maker, then you know how annoying it is to have your work stolen and posted somewhere else. If you're just a reader or admirer, please respect the work of others, and credit them for their work.

Plagiarism/theft of art will not be tolerated, and anyone caught doing such things will be banned from the community, and reported to stop_plagiarism, as well as Live Journal. I feel very strongly about this, and second chances will not be given. If you suspect someone has stolen your art or fanfic, please notify aheartthatbends.

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